Would you like to empower your reproductive health & assist your chances of conceiving through holistic therapies?
Heidi Drieschner- 0410 552 588
Holistic Kinesiologist/ Fertility Reflexology
Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings & Reiki Master Practitioner

* Dissatisfied with your reproductive health, and want to bring your body back to it's best state ripe for conception?

* Struggling with Infertility and need a bit of support?

* Want less stress so you can live with more enthusiasm?

What do you want out of your reproductive health & fertility journey?

Relaxation & stress relief when undergoing IVF

More vitality & less stress

De-stress around trying to conceive

Increase my chances of having a baby

Sleep well at night

Let's work together to find out what is stopping you!

My key interests are resolving stress patterns around fertility & menstrual problems, stress, anxiety & women's health-with a focus on reproductive health and infertility.
If you've ever experienced a health complaint that just won't go away, you've probably asked yourself is there a better way? If you could somehow ask your body directly what was wrong, would you take the first step and empower yourself to find out? Heart Space Holistic Therapies can assist to resolve stresses in your life by asking your body directly where you hold or store stress around an issue.

When stress (be it physical or emotional) is held in your body, it can get in the way of living life the way you want-stress can restrict you by affecting your ability to cope emotionally, it can even impact on your physical structure, digestion, posture, and function.

Stress on an emotional level can feel as though you're going through life with someone else driving your car. Ever felt stuck in emotions and situations you don't want to be in but feel like you can't get out of? Kinesiology can assist you to move forward and facilitate healing and change by working with your body and mind together to resolve stress in your life. It IS possible for you to be the driver again!

My key area of interest with Kinesiology is working around stresses with infertility. Limiting beliefs around reproduction include repeatedly saying things like "I'm never going to get pregnant", "why does this always happen to me", "I'm always being punished for things not working out for me", "I'm never going to be a parent". Patterns such as these are not very helpful for providing the best state of health for you to welcome in a baby, and can even add more ongoing stress to an already stressful situation! These patterns can be identified and resolved through Holistic Kinesiology so you can be as relaxed as possible so that you are ready for your baby.

It's not enough to just look at the body, just as it's not enough to look only at the mind-Holistic Kinesiology allows us to look at all aspects of why you're here so we can get a complete picture of how you are in relation to your issue or health complaint. The unique thing about someone trained in various modalities and Holistic Kinesiology is that I am taught to recognise all patterns of disharmony in your health.

As a Holistic practitioner I do not diagnose or treat named diseases, I aim to work on minimising and rebalancing stress in relation to your complaint or reproductive condition.

Heart Space will save you money spent on endless visits to other practitioners for the same thing!

My name is Heidi Drieschner and I am a professionally qualified, Kinesiologist, Reflexologist, Energy Healer, Astrologer & Reiki practitioner who practices in St Leonards in NSW, on the lower North Shore of Sydney. With over 1300hrs in professional training in Holistic Kinesiology alone, I am trained to know which questions to ask to get to the core of your reproductive health problem. In addition to my training in Kinesiology, I have also completed qualifications in Reflexology, Astrology, and Energy Healing for a truly all-rounded approach to your reproductive issue.

Heart Space can assist you to gently bring your unique stress pattern behind your current problem to the surface so it can be diffused. You will leave feeling empowered with an understanding of how and where your body holds stress around your fertility issue and concerns of infertility.

Heidi Drieschner-0410 552 588
Kinesiologist/Fertility Reflexology/Astrology/Energy Healing/Reiki Master Practitioner

Health Funds that recognise
Heart Space Kinesiology:

AHM, Australian Unity, BUPA (which includes HBA, MBF, Mutual Community, MBF Alliances-NRMA, SGIC, SGIO), CBHS, Credicare (CUA), GU Health, Manchester Unity, Medibank Private,

Teachers Federation Health.

Please note this is dependent on your level of cover, please check that your health fund coverage level includes Kinesiology or Reflexology.