About me ...

Heidi Drieschner-0410 552 588

Holistic Kinesiologist/Body-Mind Integrated Healing, Reflexologist & Reiki Master Practitioner/Intuitive Readings

My Qualifications
* BA Soc Sci (UTS)
* Diploma in Kinesiology-College of Complementary Medicine (CCM)
* Diploma of Energetic Healing (Nature Care College)
* Diploma of Reflexology (Nature Care College)
* Reiki Master Practitioner (Level 3: with Jacqui Bushell-Mikao Usui lineage)
* Certificate in Channelling & Mediumship (Awareness Institute)
* Certificate in Astrology (Nature Care College)
* Meditation 1 & 2 (Nature Care College)
* Aura Soma 1 (Nature Care College)
* Crystal Healing (Nature Care College)

Professional Achievements
* Clinical Excellence Award (Holistic Kinesiology-CCM)
* Academic Excellence Award (Holistic Kinesiology-CCM)
* Dux (Holistic Kinesiology-CCM)

Professional Association Membership
* Professional member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (24453)

How Kinesiology found me...
Ever since I can remember I had always been searching for meaning in my life, I felt like there was a void in my life, and the best way to describe it was that I felt like something was missing. I was like a detective always trying to find this elusive thing to fill my life, but I could never quite work out what it was that was missing.

I found myself sleeping through my 20's feeling incredibly stuck in my everyday routine, but not knowing what else to do with my life. I felt burnt out, I was running on adrenaline, I didn't really connect to other people (or myself), I wasn't sleeping, and knew deep down that there had to be something more to my life than what I was living. I felt like a robot just going through the motions of life, something was very wrong and I knew that I had to be the one to take charge and change it if I didn't like it. So after a while I woke up and started looking for an alternative...

When I first read about Kinesiology I had a moment of recognition and felt a spark light up inside. I knew that I had just stumbled upon an amazing thing which could easily tap into the motivations behind my actions, how they connected to my physical symptoms, and how my life was as a result. I then met a Kinesiologist who inspired me to study Holistic Kinesiology-the whole experience over three years was incredible, challenging and a very exciting time for me.
Throughout my experience studying Kinesiology, I felt like I had been given a skeleton key which had the ability to unlock the door to every part of myself, and I was excited by the possibility that I could help other people do the same.

It sounds strange to say but while I studied and constantly worked through things in my life, I felt amused by the fact that I had nowhere to hide from my 'stuff' but deal with it. Of course at times it was confronting, but it was a very empowering experience for me to deal with my 'stuff' in life and own what was mine. This sort of healing was very deep, but what I loved about it most was that it was always done in such a respectful, gentle and nurturing way.

Over the years, I realised that I had a large role to play in how my life was heading and the potential to change how I responded to circumstances in my life and my health. For the first time I felt really empowered in my life, and that felt pretty special to me.

Complementary Medicine, but why Kinesiology?
I am someone who is enthusiastic about life. I believe that we all have so much potential to be who we would like to be, but sometimes we feel disempowered-particularly when it comes to our own health. I have found Holistic Kinesiology to be the perfect fit for people who would like to feel empowered in their lives and health, so I founded Heart Space Kinesiology.

I had tried numerous types of complementary medicine, however with Holistic Kinesiology I saw the potential for it to have lasting changes in life-this type of Kinesiology was much more than just muscle monitoring. I am constantly amazed by how easily Kinesiology allows me to make positive changes in my health while gently revealing better ways of being with myself and the world.

Before Heart Space Kinesiology...
With a background in social sciences, visual arts/photography, I had also previously worked in the print media before discovering Holistic Kinesiology. I know what it is like to work in the corporate world, live on stress and adrenalin, and I now know that there is another option in life. I see a real place in our society for true complementary therapies, I love being a Kinesiologist and seeing my clients improve and prosper in their lives.

I am inspired to keep learning, and am currently furthering my knowledge by continuing my industry education.
I strive to have a lot of fun and retain my sense of humour while learning new things, I love travelling and experiencing new cultures, having a good laugh with people and discovering new things in life. I look forward to meeting you on your healing journey!
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* Reflexology * Astrology * Reiki Master *Intuitive Readings
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