What is Kinesiology?
The word Kinesiology broadly translates to the science of human movement. The full potential of Kinesiology arose in the 1960's through an American Chiropractor Dr George Goodheart, who discovered that weakness in a muscle could be strengthened by stimulating certain points on the body. Goodheart found that relationships existed between muscles and different organs, but more importantly, muscles could be used as indicators in order to gather information from the body system. Further developments have led to a more holistic treatment seen in Heart Space Kinesiology today.
What is different about Heart Space Kinesiology?
Heart Space Kinesiology uses a unique and harmonious blend of traditional eastern wisdom and acupuncture theory combined with western knowledge of anatomy & physiology-to ensure you are balanced on all levels. Instead of just relying on muscle monitoring alone during a session, my integrated approach also utilises oriental diagnosis techniques such as tongue and pulse to gain a more complete picture of understanding of your health-right from the beginning. I also believe that you should never stop learning once you graduate as a practitioner, so I am constantly learning and upgrading my skills with further education. I am currently completing a certificate in Transformational Meditation.
Not only will you experience Holistic Kinesiology techniques, I also draw upon my knowledge and experience in reflexology, energy healing & meditation techniques and visualisations when indicated as beneficial for you.

There are three essential parts to Heart Space Kinesiology to ensure you achieve results;
1) A unique range of holistic techniques which allow you to play an active role in your own healing

2) Providing you a safe and quiet space to heal, and lending a kind & compassionate ear.

3) Muscle monitoring ('kinesiology') to bypass your conscious thought processes to get to the core stuff of what's keeping you back.

You CAN achieve your goals, inner health & well being!

Heart Space Kinesiology uses non-invasive methods which bypass your conscious thought processes-in this way we can identify and clear blocks in your body which stand in the way of you regaining your health. During a session (also called a balance), your body indicates through gentle muscle monitoring any imbalances in your system-these stress patterns once cleared lead the way for you to regain your health and vitality again.
Once you are aware of your coping mechanisms and the belief systems behind them, you will be able to see how they keep you back rather than serve you in life. You can then allow them to fall away so you can just be who you are, rather than blindly reacting to triggers in your daily life.

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