How can Kinesiology help me?
As your practitioner I believe that you have the key to regaining optimal health in life, whether your goal is to work on improving your personal relationships, reducing physical pain, furthering your career, decreasing anxiety or stress, or just changing your general outlook on life so that you can be yourself again. It is my goal as a holistic practitioner to facilitate your healing process.
Have you had a problem or issue in your life which has been 'treated' but your symptoms have come back again later?

My goal at Heart Space is to treat your underlying stress pattern so that you have longer lasting effects as opposed to temporary relief.

As a client, you should expect to see a change or improvement around your goal within 3-4 sessions. If your problem or issue is more chronic you may benefit from a series of balances.

Kinesiology works on a number of levels:

Structural-helping to release tight muscles and rebalancing relationships between muscles, organs, the spine and fascia. By working with reactive compensation patterns and imbalances between the neck, posture, pelvis and back, and assisting to release these.

-working with discovering stress patterns of chemical substances in the body, such as hormone levels, blood, toxins ingested through diet and environmental conditions, adrenal stress, nutrition and digestive issues.

-identifying and diffusing limiting belief patterns that form our current atttudes and drive how we react to daily challenges and limit our capacity to just be ourselves and be less reactive in life.

- assisting to release energetic blockages through holding acupressure points, and working to tonify or sedate points along the meridian channels to clear stress around the meridian system.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?
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