What can I expect as a client?

What do I need to bring?
All you need to bring with you is an issue or goal you would like to work on so there is a focus for your session, and a willingness to make a change for the better in life. You remain fully clothed during a session, and one or more muscles will be monitored during the session. A number of charts will also be referred to during your visit.

Your Kinesiology balance will include initial counselling around your goal, the use of meridian theory, assessment techniques and muscle monitoring to directly access information about possible imbalances currently within your body system.

What happens during my visit?
Your session may include one or more of a number of holistic techniques such as:-holding various points on the body known as neurovascular & acupressure points
-stimulating neurolymphatic points
-nutritional balancing
-postural assessment & balancing
-working with reflexology areas
Plus other techniques such as:
-brain function assessments
-flower essences
-sound & colour
-visualisations & meditations around your goal

Your body will indicate which techniques are appropriate for you, and as every person is different, each session is totally catered to you and your needs at the time.

Can I use these techniques at home?

Another difference at Heart Space Kinesiology is that you are empowered to continue your healing process at home so you don't have to come back as often. You may be given points to hold, affirmations to repeat or other techniques to use in your own home in order to keep the good work going and strengthen the outcome of your session.

Consultation fees
Kinesiology session: 90 min - $165
Discount rate for students, pensioners & the unemployed
Kinesiology session: 90 min - $155

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