What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese word for a style of 'hands on' healing that allows you to deepen your connection with everything around you. A Reiki treatment involves a combination of 'hands on' & 'hands off' healing, and you will be filled with universal energy in what feels like a 'topping up' and calming down experience so that you feel more vital and rejuvenated in daily life.

A Reiki treatment is a wonderful and nurturing way of supporting yourself so that you are less reactive to stresses in your everyday life. A regular Reiki session is like the body's equivalent of a tune-up for a car, revitalising you when you need it which has a flow on effect on your body, so you can function smoothly and evenly in life.

I have been attuned in the Usui Reiki Lineage as a Reiki Master practitioner and am a member of the Australian Reiki Connection.

My experience with Reiki...

From the moment I was introduced to the powerful yet simple healing of Reiki, I have been using it ever since to keep my clients relaxed and rejuvenated, and myself calm and rebalanced after a long day. I find the modalities Kinesiology and Reiki work really beautifully together, each in their own way bringing understanding and insight for clients.
Consultation fees
Reiki session: 60 min-$107